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Natural ways to improve sperm count

Don’t smoke:  Everyone knows that smoking is not good for your health.  Research has shown that smoking not only harms your overall health, it can have damaging effects on your fertility as well.  One study found that sperm count in men who smoke was around 17 percent lower than men who didn’t.

Don’t use alcohol or drugs:  Excessive alcohol or drug use can impair fertility.  Men who consume large amounts of alcohol (more than 4 drinks in a day) may have problems not only with sperm count but with sexual activity in general.  Besides the detrimental effect on fertility, heavy drinking may cause a man to not be able to have or maintain an erection or cause other sexual dysfunction.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:  Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight can all improve fertility.  A diet high in fruits and veggies is great for your overall health and may boost fertility.  Researchers have found that antioxidants, like the ones found in fruits and vegetables, are very beneficial when it comes to fertility.  It is also important to stay within a healthy body weight.  Men who are overweight are more likely to have issues with sperm count and sperm quality.

Have sex:  You would think that having sex would be a good thing for couples trying to get pregnant, but some couples mistakenly believe that having too much Sex decreases a man’s sperm count.  This information is outdated and was never really true for healthy men.  It was once recommended, that men with lower sperm counts abstain from intercourse to help build up their sperm count.  While abstinence may improve the quantity of sperm somewhat, it has a negative effect on sperm quality.  When a man has regular sex, each time he ejaculates he releases some of his defective sperm.  In doing so, he gets rid of the old damaged sperm and makes room for healthier and hardier sperm.  Having morning sex may also be beneficial.  Research suggests that sperm count is naturally higher in the mornings.


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