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How to boost semen volume and fertility? a couple wants to conceive, the first important requirement is that the man has enough sperm production. If not, there are various complications, which the couple has to deal with. Also, inadequate semen production means that there is some underlying problem in your system. Let us have a look at how low semen production can affect you.

Low semen production
This condition is also known as Hypospermia and it is known to cause fertility problems as the amount of fluid that brings the sperm in contact with the cervix is less. At times, low semen production is alright but you should get your sperm count checked if it occurs often. Fertility problems can cause many complications and it is better to treat them in their initial stage.

Normal semen volume
Generally, a man produces up to 5.6 milliliters of semen per ejaculation. Semen volume that is less than 1 ml or more than 5.6 ml might cause fertility problems. High volume of sperm can cause problem as it gets diluted with excessive seminal fluid. There are various causes of low semen volume. Some of them are:

  • Blockage in the duct from which ejaculation occurs. At times, these ducts are blocked due to varicose vein.
  • Retrograde ejaculation is a problem, which is characterised by backward flow of semen.
  • Certain infections and hormonal imbalances

When you notice that your semen production is low, the doctor will advise you to go for a semen analysis test. This test will check your volume and certain other factors that are responsible for low semen production, including fructose content, which, is absent, might lead to low semen production.

Low semen volume treatments
Most of the times, low as well as high volume of semen, can be treated. For this an individual has to go through some surgical procedures that aim at eliminating the blockages. Antibiotics can be used for clearing up infections. There are a range of infertility treatments that you can take.

At times, when the volume of semen is low and it cannot be treated, you can go for an infertility treatment that will retrieve sperm. It is easy to ejaculate more than you do. This issue, however, should be dealt with very professionally. Choose a doctor who has enough experience in dealing with cases such as yours. A good fertility treatment will help you:

  • Increase your semen volume
  • Release sperm with more energy
  • Increase sperm count
  • Increase fertility rate
  • Produce more pre-cum

Millions of men, every month, look up in Google and other search engines for increasing their sperm count and end up using techniques as mentioned on various websites. This might be a good approach but it is not the best one. You need to go and visit a doctor physically or take an online consultation to get better results. Sperm health is extremely important and you should not take it lightly. A good doctor can help you conceive and get a healthy child.


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