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Types of Impotence

Impotence is a condition where men cannot complete an erection or maintain it.

Impotence can be of several types:

Arteriogenic Impotence: Arteries is responsible for carrying blood to the penis. The arteries are sometime no able to supply enough blood to cause an erection. This can be caused because of narrowing of the arteries as a result of high blood pressure, diabetes or injury to the penis. It is frequently seen in elderly men.

Neurogenic Impotence: Injuries to the nerves connected to penis causes neurogenic impotence. The nerve supply to the penis is very delicate and complicated. Slight injuries to these sensitive nerves can hamper your sexual life and cause erectile dysfunction. Some operations carried out for some other conditions can cause incidental injury to nerves of penis and cause impotence.

Venogenic Impotence: This type of impotence condition occurs when veins in the penis leak blood and prevent the formation of a hard erection. Venogenic impotence is very common and account for 20-5- percent of impotence cases.

Endocrinologic impotence: This occurs when there is imbalance of sex hormones in blood stream. Variety of disease conditions can cause these changes.

Psychogenic: This type of impotence occurs when the problem lies purely in mind. It is usually caused by the current mental state, problems in the relationship. Impotence of these kinds can only be treated by counseling sessions.

Quantum of Impotence hi-res picturesHow and why Smoking leads to Impotence?
Smoking leads to shrinkage and hardening of all arteries in the body including the genitals. This impairs the blood flow to the penis which leads to soft erections in the majority of the cases. In severe cases of smoking and related blockage of arteries, men may experience impotence. And once the arteries shrink permanently due to continuous smoking for a long term, it may lead to permanent impotence. Research has also shown that men who smoke and also suffer from diabetes carry a greater risk of getting impotence.

A recent report by British Medical Association’s (BMA) estimates that around 120,000 men aged 30-50 were impotent because of smoking.

Most of the cases of impotence can be treated now.

The  treatment of impotence totally depends on the cause of the condition.



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